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What is this?

Twice a month, I'll put out an 'episode' featuring around 10 songs that I think people should give a listen. The songs may be new or old, hits or obscure, nice or really demented, and anything else. Genres? Your guess is as good as mine. Each episode may be eclectic AF or maybe I'll feel like doing a theme.

Buy why this site?

This site serves as few purposes. First and foremost, it's a learning experience for me; a place for me to try new development techniques. The web evolves and developers have to keep learning, but we're not always able to do that on the projects that pay the bills because of deadlines, project requirements, or even client demands.

"But aren't client demands the same thing as requirements?" Not always. Bootstrap is never a requirement. Bootstrap should never be used.

But I digress. The other reason for this site's existence is because I love music. My degree is in Broadcasting Management with a focus on radio. I used to work in radio and I miss it. And as we get older, we need to become more mindful to make time to do the things we enjoy. So I get to curate some music and when I'm working on this site, I get to listen to something.

Didn't you used to release a new episode weekly?

I did, but then that felt more like a job than a joy. Plus that schedule made me less interested in working on the backend of the site, which again, is the main reason this site exists.

What else can you tell me about this site?

The original goal of this site was to be served headless with Contentful, Sveltekit and Netlify and was originally released on November 8, 2022. That v1 release was just Sveltekit and Netlify with me updating everything manually.

This current version is v2 and is currently headless because that's the hip-hop-happening trend these days. Technically, it's costing nothing to host this site at the moment. Mainly because not many people know it exists.

The content is finally managed in Contentful, but I'm not done. Over the next year, I'm looking to add the following functionality:

  • Static Site Generation - this is a required addition in my mind.
  • Discord Integration - because why the hell not.
  • Themes - For v1, I did actually have a few themes in the progress, including one based on the now gone but still highly influential Ha├žienda nightclub in Manchester.
  • Something else - I'm sure some idea will hit me and I'll want to add to this.

Anything else?

When I'm coding, I tend to listen to DJ sets on YouTube and I'd like to take a moment to refer you to some very talented individuals who I think deserve a listen.

  • Zeu5 - If you just listen to what he mixes, you'll be impressed, but once you watch what he's doing, you'll find yourself giving this creator some mad respect.
  • Gentleman This channel features quite a few of Zeu5's sets.
  • Dreaming Files - especially this mix when I'm homesick. 1990s NYC was a great time to been a teen.
  • Fluidified
  • Scienide 1995

Known Bugs

  • Scroll to top on Next/Prev. Mainly an issue in Firefox, but once in a while, will see in Chromium based browsers.
  • The markdown to HTML plugin is injecting more P tags than it should.